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One of our favorite summer spots!!
Monday, 14 August 2017

Hey Now Barflies,

If it seems like it's been at least a year since we've played Captain Carlos it's has.  Over a year actually. It was St. Peter's Fiesta the last time. Talk about about crazy! So at long last Open Bar Band will be playing Captain Carlos in Gloucester on Friday August 18. This place the quintessential summertime place to play. It's outdoors (indoors if it's raining; let's hope not). It's on the harbor. They have a full menu of fresh seafood. I always get the oysters. Let's not forget about the bartenders. They are the life of the party at all times. They will make you want to drink even more than you normally would (I would know).  They have tons of great beers on tap and a full arsenal (some call it a bar) as well. So if you've never been you've got to go this time. Don't wait until next year.!!!

Stay Thirsty!


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